Basement Pump System Design and Installation London

Basement Pump System Design London & South East

Our experienced team can help design you a robust waterproof system that will keep your basement dry and protected against floods. We can design and install a powerful system that keeps your basement secure and dry even during extreme weather conditions. Our waterproof design specialist holds a PCA recognised CCSW qualification and can recommend the best waterproofing design solutions for your needs.

Basement pump installation process

Step 1 – Our technician will assess the best location for your sump pump to be installed. Ideally this would need to be near the wall of the basement/cellar, which would allow the sump pump unit to discharge any water easily.

Step 2 – We then use a jackhammer to dig a chamber into the concrete floor to install the sump pump.

Step 3 – Once the concrete is removed, we begin digging the sump pit.

Step 4 – The next step would be to put the sump pump in place ready for installation. We place the pump within the sump liner and attach a PVC pipe, then we drill some holes in the liner of the pump which then enables water to enter the sump and be pumped out to a safe drainage point.

Step 5 – To ensure that there will be no foul odors and keep moisture contained we install an airtight sump pump cover. This also protects children, animals and objects from falling into the sump pit.

Step 6 – We restore the floor so your basement looks neat and professional.

Step 7- Now your sump pump installation is complete the final step is we make sure that your basement is left clean, free from dust and debris and good as new!